Example Patents

MLO Example Patents

Patent Number Title Link
7,583,211 B1 Analog-to-digital conversion circuit GooglePats-7583211
7,928,316 B2 Solar concentrator backpan  GooglePats-7928316
8,397,447 B2 Roof truss compatible for solar panels  GooglePats-8397447
8,426,888 B2 Vertical Semiconductor Device with Thinned Substrate GooglePats-8466036
8,466,036 B2 Trap Rich Layer for Semiconductor Devices GooglePats-8466036
8,554,711 B2 Contextual Decision Logic Elicitation GooglePats-8554711
8,621,422 B1 Environment for Responsive Graphical Designs GooglePats-8621422
8,746,487 B1 Food Container GooglePats-8746487
8,751,594 B2 Messaging System GooglePats-8751594
8,826,505 B2 Method and Apparatus for Facilitating the Installation of a Garbage Disposal Unit GooglePats-8826505
8,936,709 B2 Adaptable free-standing metallic article for semiconductors  GooglePats-8936709
8,975,943 B2 Compact level shifter GooglePats-8975943
9,061,217 B2 Projectile Launcher GooglePats-9061217
9,189,784 B2 Self-Authenticating Peer to Peer Transaction GooglePats-9189784
9,616,327 B2 Toy Apparatus GooglePats-9616327
9,753,620 B2 Method, System and Computer Program Product for Facilitating the Prototyping and Previewing of Dynamic Interactive Graphical Design Widget State Transitions in An Interactive Documentation Environment GooglePats-9753620
9,990,668 B2 System and method for intelligent ordering between a user and multiple providers GooglePats-9990668
D671,975 S Wireless Camera GooglePats-D671975
D700,806 S Beverage Glass GooglePats-D671975
2014/0346622 Forming Semiconductor Structure with Device Layers and TRL GooglePats-20140346622